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Spark Foods Limited was registered under Nigerian Law in 2002 as a private limited company to engage inter alia in the business of agricultural farming, agro produce processing, import and export of agricultural and allied products. Since inception, the company has established factories for the processing of oilseeds like palm kernel,groundnuts, soybeans and shea nuts into vegetable oil and cake for compounding livestock feeds ,farms for rearing of poultry (eggs and meat products),piggery fish and cultivation of cassava, cocoa and cashew trees.In this regard ,the company have the following brands of vegetable oils in the market:

(a)Spark Pure Groundnut Oil

(b)3 Stars Soya Oil

(c)Mumsie Cooking Oil

Aside from using the oil seed cake produced from vegetable oil extraction internally for compounding livestock feeds for its farms ,feeds are also sold externally to users some which include large scale companies in the feed milling process.The company also recently introduced its TAARZAN brand of packaged salted cashew nuts into the local and international markets as part of export revenue drive programme. The company is currently in the process of acquiring large scale land from the Osun State Government of Nigeria for the cultivation of annual crops like cocoa, cashew and oil palm to support it's long term export potentials


To establish a fully integrated and multi faceted agro industrial business that will serve as a sustainable platform for the generation of profits,employment opportunities and dynamic societal developments in both the rural and urban areas of the Nigerian economy.


Pragmatic utilisation of available agricultural resources in a sustainable and profitable manner worthy of emulation by other intending entrepreneurs in the agricultural industry in Nigeria.

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