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Quality Mango Fruits - FAQs & Reviews

About Spark Foods - Quality Mangoes Exporter from Nigeria

Spark Foods Limited is a rising name in the list of the best mango exporter & producer. We have been a reliable mangoes supplier from Nigeria since decades and have supplied excellence throughout the nation. Now have an ambition to become the best ever mango exporter in the world!

As a Leading Mango Fruit Exporter, What Basic Information Do You Have About Mangoes?

Mangoes are fruits that grow on a tree named Mangifera indica. It has a skin on the outer part and the inner part has a fleshy edible portion that is covered with it's seed.

What Are the Specifications of an Average Mango?

On an average ripe mango has 14% sugar. 0.5% acid & a sugar acid ratio of 28. These specifications might vary slightly but as a reliable mango fruits supplier from Nigeria, we are always careful about the quality of our mangoes.

How Are Mangoes Harvested?

The Mango Fruits can only be harvested once they are ripen. You must keep in mind that not all mangoes or mango tree get ripen at the same time that means, you can harvest the mangoes that are ready to eat and leave the ones on the tree that are not ripen yet.

The mango fruits are either hand picked or tugged through a harvester. Here at Spark Food Limited, we make sure to follow all the international standards while harvesting our mangoes to make our company competitive as a fast growing mango fruits supplier from Nigeria. In order to learn more about Mango Harvesting, please check out the below video:

What Are the Names of Different Types of Mangoes in Nigeria? And Which Types are Available at Spark Foods Limited?

1) Pink Orange Mango

Spark Foods Limited deals as a Pink Orange Mango Exporter from Nigeria. These kind of mangoes have a stretched shape and are identifiable with their skin color that is orange with a slight pink tint. These mangoes are moderately sweet and have a heavy flesh that is uncommon in other types of such mangoes. Following is a picture of such kind of mangoes for your reference:

Pink Orange Mangoes

2) Pink Green Mangoes

We are also reliable pink green mangoes supplier from Nigeria. These kind of mangoes are very rare to find and are considered the best among all. Due to the colour, this type of mango looks unripe however in reality it is fully ripen. Following is how a Pink Green Mango looks like:

Pink Green Mango

3) Classical Yellow Mangoes

We are one of the best mangoes exporter when it comes to the classical yellow mangoes. These mangoes are very common to find and have a non-fibrous flesh that makes their taste different from other types of mangoes. The classical yellow mangoes are one of the fastest growing types of mangoes. Check the below image to see how a classical yellow mango looks like:

Classical Yellow Mango

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