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Premium Quality Processed & Raw Cashew Nuts

Price:As may be agreed with buyer

Place Of Origin:Nigeria
MOQ:As Agreed With Buyer
Certificate:Phytosanitary Certificate And Independent Report By SGS Or Other
Packaging:Sealed Polythene Bag Of 22.6 Kg Each
Product Status:Seasonal
Size:W320, W240 And Others

Cashew Nuts Reviews & FAQs

About Spark Foods Limited - Leading Cashew Nuts Exporter from Nigeria

Our company is well known in the Agriculture industry since decades for being a premium quality processed cashew nuts supplier. We are on of the best cashew nuts producer and leading cashew nuts exporter from Nigeria. Our cashew nuts are either produced in our farms or sourced from the best cashew nuts producers in Nigeria.

How Are Cashew Nuts Produced by a Reliable Cashew Nuts Producer Like Spark Foods Limited?

As a reliable cashew nuts exporter and producer, we take our production very seriously. Our cashew nuts meet all the international standards such as the ISO 6477:1988(en). Cashew nut production and farming is a very complex process, to understand more about how we and other

reliable cashew nuts producers conduct their production, watch the below video:

What Are the Different Types of Cashew Nuts?

Raw Cashew Nuts

These cashew nuts are in their raw form i.e right after when they have been harvested. There is no processing done in these cashew nuts and are sold in their raw form. We have been a leading raw cashew nuts supplier in Nigeria since decades and we are now aiming to become the leading raw cashew nuts exporter in the Globe! Following picture shows how raw cashew nuts look like:

Raw Cashew Nuts

Processed Cashew Nuts

This type of cashew nuts are not supplied in it's raw form rather they are first processed into standard sizes like W180, W320, W240 etc. Out processed cashew nuts are sourced from the best processed cashew nuts supplier in Nigeria, therefore premium quality is always assured. The following pictures show how processed cashew nuts look like:

Processed Cashew NutsProcessed Cashew Nut

What Packaging Do You Offer for Cashew Nuts?

Our standard Processed cashew nuts packaging is in vacuumed and sealed polythene bag of 22.6kg each. However, to make your purchase easier and build a long term relationship with you as your cashew nuts supplier from Nigeria, we can offer customized packaging to meet your business requirements.

What is the MOQ for Cashew Nuts at Spark Foods Limited?

Our standard MOQ is 20Ft FCL, however this is negotiable in case you are looking to cooperate with us for a long period of time.

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